Fleece Liner Sets for Cages

$7.00 - $34.00

****Due to the volume of orders received, please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment.***

Fleece liner sets are custom made for Ferret Nation or Critter Nation cages (others available on request).

All liners have two-layers although an extra layer is available for a small additional cost. See options.

I ONLY do double layer small shelves as I think the triple layer ones are too thick when closing the doors.

You have a number of choices for your liners:

1. Sit-on-Top: These liners sit on top of existing pans (plastic or Bass metal pans).

2. Envelope Style: These liners are specific to those of you using the standard plastic pans that come with your Ferret Nation Cage. The pan slides in between the two layers and there is an envelope-style closure that wraps around the back of the pan. (Keep in mind though, since these are only two layers, one layer will be on the bottom of your pan so you may want to pay the additional cost for three layers so you still have two layers above the pan.) All liners are made to assume your cut out is in the right hand corner when looking at the cage.

3. Tie-Liners: These are the same as sit-on-top liners except for they have fleece ties in each corner and one in the middle of the long edge to tie onto the bars. These are ideal for chinnies who like to pull up their liners.


Fabric choices can be found here. Please cut/paste this URL.



****All my products are lovingly made to order. Due to the volume of orders received, please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment.***


Machine sewn.

For best results, low-heat machine wash and air dry.


Shipping weight approx 2 lbs per set.