$4.00 - $22.00

These are awesome!

Poopsaguards™ are a wonderfully, inexpensive way to keep hay, poop, sticks and other cage items from flying onto your floor. These are great for any type of chinchilla cage.

Made from anti-pill fleece with ties, a "set" is two Poopsaguards™ and each measures approximately 86" in length. A set would be perfect for the top and bottom layer of say a Ferret Nation 142 cage. Custom sizes are also available, just email.

You can also order "door guards" to go on the front side of your cages that have swinging open doors. A "set" of door guards is equivalent to four pieces. Custom size are also available, just email.

Poopsaguards™ are approx. 3" in height.

Most solid colors available. Just put in the comments.

Please choose whether you have horizontal or vertical cage bars.

***Every Poopsaguard™ is made to order so please allow 2-3 weeks to ship.***