CuddleLedge™ Half PVC Tube


A perfect little place for your chinchilla or other pocket pet to take a load off and watch the world go by in a deluxe vantage point.

The CuddleLedge™ is a 10"x6" PVC tube, cut in half. It comes with the ledge, one customizable cover and hanging hardware (2 bolts, 4 washers, 2 wing nuts). Everything you need to hang immediately. Extra liners are only $4.50 each!

***Every CuddleLedge™ is made to order so please allow 10-14 days to ship.***


Machine sewn with handsewn closure.

For best results, low-heat machine wash and air dry.


Fabric choices can be found here. Please cut/paste this URL.


Shipping weight approx 1.6 lbs.


Thanks to our models Sally, and Shifu and Quinn.